Energizing Electrolyser Worldwide

Presence in over 92 Countries

Presence in over 92 Countries

More than 30,000 Converter Transformers and Converters in Operations

More than 30,000 Converter Transformers and Converters in Operations

Power Electronics Tech Expertties for all Topologies

Power Electronics Tech Expertties for all Topologies

Customization is our Forte.

Customization is our Forte.

Energizing Electrolyser Worldwide

ADOR heavy-duty converters power electrolytic cells that produce hydrogen from electrolysis. Electrolysis is the process of using electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen molecules. ADOR supplies DC Power systems and various types of converters to power the various types of Electrolyser with various Cell rating to generate the Hydrogen.
The system is designed to meet the most demanding specification of electrolytic water hydrogen production industry. These are available in 6, 12 and 24 pulse systems and thyristor converters are engineered, designed, manufactured, and tested to internationally recognized standards including CE certification. 

Our design capabilities include automatic power factor and harmonic mitigation. We also offer a state-of-the-art switch mode technology with systems designed to be scalable, simple to use and easy to maintain. Only a basic maintenance check procedure is needed to ensure your converters continue running, saving both time and maintenance repair costs. All high-power thyristor converters are bespoke custom designed for our customer’s requirements, ensuring you get the exact converter your process requires with the most advanced Digital Regulations and electronics.

DC Power Systems

Technology Selection

A Hydrogen production component’s design and prototype begins with a few options. It’s not always clear where to start when considering prototyping hydrogen production components.

The information is here to help you to choose the best option for Energizing your Electrolyzer.

The thyristor rectifier is an established and reliable technology that has been used for decades with great success. Thyristor rectifiers have a high efficiency, good load current regulation, and the ability to scale to very high power levels. They are often simple to maintain and Operate.

When linked to the grid, this topology frequently necessitates a more sophisticated transformer design, harmonic filters, and power factor correction equipment. Although systems can be paralleled for larger ampacity, the normal maximum DC voltage range for thyristor rectifiers is 700-900 volts, and the typical maximum power per converter is under 500kW.

Ador offers

48/24/12/6 Pulse Thyristor based Converters with and without PFC and Harmonics filters based on the electrolyzer requirements.

Despite its technical complexity, Ador has placed high power IGBT chopper Converters in large industrial applications for more than two decades.

A number of benefits are provided by the IGBT chopper, including a high power factor across the output range, compliance with IEEE 519 grid harmonics, simplified and low-cost transformer design, decreased DC ripple, and a rapid response to changing power conditions.

Compared to SCR/thyristor-based Converters, IGBT chopper Converters frequently have lower CAPEX because they eliminate tap-changing transformers, harmonic filters and power factor correction.

A high durability and reliability rating is also associated with IGBT chopper Converters. We design and manufacture systems characterized by extreme heat, dust, and corrosion. While producing stable, consistent, high-quality power, these Converters withstand even the most challenging conditions.

As a result of built-in redundancy, the IGBT chopper can still function even if a module fails, limiting interruptions.

To assist you in choosing your course of action, the typical ideal profile for each sort of solution is summarized here.

SCR Thyristor Converter:

  • When the load on the Converter is low compared to the interconnect (allowing for a tolerance for harmonics and a low PF) and the load is tolerant of DC ripple at low output
  • Large-scale operations that consistently produce their maximum output V & I (full output minimizes harmonics and DC ripple)

IGBT Chopper Converter:

  • large-scale projects where the quality of the DC and AC power is crucial.
  • Continuously excellent performance across the output range using renewable energy.

Ador offers

IGBT based Converters with AFE and DC-DC Chopper Converters

Thyristor Controls

The main advantage of Thyristor based converter are

  • Very reliable, Matured, and rugged topology
  • Can be scaled to remarkably high power
  • High Efficiency

Basic block diagram of 24 pulse Converter

The 24-pulse converter system is consisting of input Transformer and Converter cabinets.

The isolation is provided by input transformer. Each Transformer have input from HV side and LV side will have 2 secondaries, one delta and other one is star, each feeding the AC voltage to respective 6-pulse converters. This scheme offers a 24-pulse system effect on the input HV side.

Various parameter values at rated output with nominal Input –

PF                    ≥ 0.8

THDi               ≤10%  

Note: PF and Harmonics can be further improved by addition of PF and Harmonic correction system. 

We Successfully delivered 6 pulse, 12 pulse, 24 pulse and 48 pulse thyristerized converter all around the world for various application and of various ratings.

Input voltage Range

 0.4 – 40 kV

3P, 4 wire (U, V, W and PE)

Power factor > 0.8

< 10 % at rated output and nominal input.

(Can be reduce using Harmonics filter)

Auxiliary input230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Voltage Range50 – 1000 VDC
Maximum load current20,000A @ 5 MW
Maximum Power> 5MW
Output ripple< 5 %
Efficiency> 97 % @ rated output with nominal voltage
Mode of OperationConstant Current mode as well as Constant Voltage Mode
Control Accuracy1%
According to customer requirementsProfibus, Profinet, Modbus
Optional analogue I/O0 – 10 V / 4 – 20 mA
CoolingAir Cooled and Liquid Cooled
Ambient temperature-5 °C to 50 °C
IP protection degreeIP20, Customized.
ConformityEN 62477, EN 60146
EMCEN 61000
Input AC power entryFrom bottom, Optional Top
Output DC BusbarsFrom Top, optional Bottom
Water inletBottom, Optional Top

Converter Transformers

We provide the Transformers of various types and ratings.


Rating: 10KVA to 25MVA

IGBT Based DC power Source

We provide the Transformers of various types and ratings.

Ador has developed a new generation power electronics product to achieve a high current DC power supply for modern-day electrolyze technologies. The SCR system uses a 24-pulse diode front-end converter for AC to DC conversion. In addition, the IGBT based converter is used as a front-end converter for AC to DC conversion. Because of IGBT front-end converter we have superior benefits such as no harmonics, Quality control by exporting +kVAr back to the grid, and a constant almost unity power factor. Followed by this, the IGBT-based DC to variable DC output voltage – high current chopper power circuit topology, which provides a very smooth much lower output DC current ripple, assists in ensuring the safe operation of the proton membrane, which provides both voltage and current control, and helps achieve superior energy efficiency of the electrolyze stack.

On the input side, it has a high-power factor, irrespective of the load situation, and is independent of any power quality issues of the weak green energy grid. Employing the IGBT front-end converter option, it can export reactive power to the grid as well. This helps in eliminating the costly and space-consuming reactive power compensation equipment.

Due to a multi-pulse diode converter system, or IGBT converter system, the power line side harmonics are extremely low, which meets the IEEE519 specifications and does not need any harmonic filters.

Ador’s new innovative IGBT chopper high current converter is an ideal, techno-commercial competitive solution as an

overall system and is suitable for all types of electrolyze to produce green hydrogen.

Various Advantages and disadvantages

Containerized Solution for DC Power Source

We provide customized containerized solution for DC Source which is easy to use and can be mounted on remote locations. The Containerized solutions including cooling arrangement, input, and output termination as per customer requirement.

We also provide suitable HV transformer as per available HV voltage.

We provide containerized solutions from 1 MW to multi-MW.

Types of Modules

AC to DC module

The HPAC30KDC charging module is developed specially by Ador powertron Pvt Ltd for electric vehicle charging station. With three-phase non neutral conductor AC input, it has the advantages of high efficiency, high power density and low harmonic.

Up to 260 to 530 Vac input, DC output voltage range is from 150 to 1000VDC with 30kW output power.

Topology used: Two stage conversion using Vienna Converter and DC-DC Coverter.

DC to DC module with MPPT

The HPDC30KDC charging module is a DC input charging module specially developed by Ador Powertron Ltd for electric vehicle charging stations and Hydrogen electrolysis. It has the advantages of high efficiency, high protection performance, high power density, high reliability, wide constant power range, and low noise. Up to 825V DC input, DC output voltage range is from 150 to 1000VDC with 30kW output power,

The Specially Developed MPPT Algorithm provides maximum power during various climate condition. EMC/EMI satisfy CE certification with class B level, and safety satisfy CE certification.

30KW SIC Based Power Module

Air Cooled Module

Water Cooled Module

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