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Energizing Electrolysers Worldwide

ADOR DC Power Supplies are designed and manufactured for megawatt-scale hydrogen production. We offer cutting-edge power conversion solutions in both SCR / Thyristorised and Insulated-gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) topologies for reliable and efficient power supply to your electrloyser. Our technology specialists work with you to optimise rectifiers and converter-transformers for all electrolyser technologies including PEM, AEM, Alkaline and SOEC.


At Ador, we believe no one size fits all. Based on your operational requirements, we offer customized solutions delivery including indoor/ outdoor/ E-House or containerized. Our modular containarised solutions offer scalable, turnkey application of the power supply unit in the hydrogen production operation.

Choose Your Tech

Thyristorised Converter

The thyristor rectifier is an established and reliable technology that has been used for decades with great success. Thyristor rectifiers have a high efficiency, good load current regulation, and the ability to scale to very high power levels. Thyristor rectifiers are suitable for rugged topologies.

Ador Powetron provides 6 pulse, 12 pulse, 24 pulse and 48 pulse thyristorised converters across the world for various application and of various ratings.

SpecificationThyristor Rectifier
Input Voltage Range0.4 – 40 kV (to transformer)
Max Output Voltage / Current1500 V / 60,000 A
Maximum Power100 MW
Power Factor> 0.8 (>0.9 with passive filter)
ThDi< 10 % (<5% with passive filter)
Output ripple< 5 %
Efficiency> 97 % @ rated output with nominal voltage

Customization is our forte.


IGBT Converters

A number of benefits are provided by the IGBT chopper, including a high power factor across the output range, compliance with IEEE 519 grid harmonics, simplified and low-cost transformer design, decreased DC ripple, and a rapid response to changing power conditions. Ador offers IGBT technology in Active Front End Converter (AFE), IGBT Chopper (AFE + DC-DC) and SIC-based module offerings as per your electrolyser requirements.
Specification IGBT Chopper (AFE + DC-DC) / AFE Convertor SIC – based module
Input Voltage Range 0.4 – 40 kV (to transformer) AC-DC: 250 – 530 V | DC-DC: 300 – 825V
Max Output Voltage / Current 1000 V / 16,000 A 1000 V / 100 A
Maximum Power 10 MW 30 kW (stackable)
Power Factor > 0.99 >0.99 (full load) | na
ThDi < 3 % @ rated output and nominal input <5% (full load) | na
Output ripple <2% na
Efficiency > 97 % @ rated output with nominal voltage >95.2% @ 1000V-30A | > 95% @ nominal input voltage


Power-to-X Power-to-You

Ador DC power solutions are designed, manufactured and tested to internationally recognized standards including CE certification. With our compact, customised and reliable solutions coupled with expertise of over 50 years in rectifier production, we guarantee your peace of mind.